About Electromod

Mark was the Service Manager for Path Premier, starting in 1994 during which time he serviced and repaired many world class brands such as Mark Levinson, Proceed, Faroudja, Bow Technology, Stax and Revel Loudspeakers.

Highend Workshop was established in 2004 and has earned a reputation for providing excellent after sales service to the high end audio market.

Mark discovered that there was a need for high quality complimentary products, with this in mind Electromod was conceived in 2011 and we proudly presented Schiit Audio electronic products design by no other than Mike Moffat and Jason Stoddard. We believe Electromod now offers the best Othodynamic headphones (Mr Speakers) and electronic components to match and with small tweaks like Synergistic Research and beautiful headstands from Sieveking Sound these products will surprise many an audio cognisor.

Electromod continues our personal view in that we believe passionately all the products we stock offer great audio performance and we will carry this on in all future products stocked. If we do not believe in a product you will not find it here!

Electromod carries through the Highend Workshop philosophy in that we put our long term relationship with our customers above all else. Please look at www.highendworkshop.co.uk for Testimonials.